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Spiritual Retreat - Experiences

What can I expect to happen at a retreat?

Retreats are offered around a variety of themes and are often arranged for particular groups: young people, women, men, educators, health professionals, business people, artists, executives and many others.

Spiritual Retreat: Personal Experience

“I found enormous benefit from my stay... The beauty of the surrounding nature was matched by a spiritual atmosphere within the centre which I have not found elsewhere.”

“I experienced an oasis of rest and peace. The classes were a good guide to get to know myself better.”

“I found the experience very moving and very thought provoking. I had not participated in meditation to any great extent and I expected to find it difficult to sit still and quietly keep my thoughts in order but the restful music and the guidance proved very helpful.”

“I found the entire weekend a very great joy; the overall peace and general excellence of the leaders and speakers set the entire atmosphere of the weekend. The beautiful house and gardens and the wonderful food confirmed it.”

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