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Images and Voices of Hope (IVOH)

“Images and voices of Hope renewed my enthusiasm for work in the media. It helped me realize that everything we do affects the world. Sometimes there is a disconnect between our work and our highest ideals. My present approach is with the idea of how a story or program can make a positive difference in the way people think: it changed the way I approach writing and producing.” –Meredith Porte, Producer/Host, WLRN Public Television, Miami, Florida.

Images and Voices of Hope is a global conversation initiative intended to connect and expand the community of journalists, artists, and media professionals who understand their work in media as a way to give societies hope for the future.

The first conversation with the media took place in New York City in June of 1999. Since then IVOH has convened media professionals in cities all over the world to consider the impact of public image making and public story telling on societies. Using an Appreciative Inquiry based dialogue that focuses on the ways that the significant stories and issues of our times can be conveyed from a perspective of strengths, participants consider ways to shine light on cutting edge solutions, best ideas and new possibilities and to cultivate resilience in cultures where people are experiencing a growing sense of helplessness and despair.

The web site is

IVOH Sessions

Typical IVOH sessions seek to:

  • Strengthen the role of media as agents of world benefit.
  • Expand awareness of the choices those in the media make that raise public trust, generate constructive meaning and amplify human hope, thus enhancing humanity’s capacity for life–promoting action.

“Words create worlds. Images create worlds. We understand that in creating and distributing stories and images about people and events in the world, we are not simply reporting on the world, we are participating in the creation of it. The words and images we choose to interpret the world do not represent ‘the absolute truth’, but merely one explanation of the events of the world. We believe in the power of all of us to construct a new and better world for humanity.” –Judy Rodgers, Executive Director, Center for Business as Agent for World Benefit, Weatherhead School of Management, Case Western Reserve University, and Founding Director, Images and Voices of Hope

IVOH Partners

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