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Four Faces of Woman

“Very calming, very uplifting. Transforming. I am so grateful that I have connected to my deep, abandoned self, that I have made personal discoveries that will heal me, empower me and allow me to forgive myself and others. My lighter, brighter self has been re–discovered and nurtured.” –Amanda, Four Faces of Woman, Toronto 2002

Convened either as a day–long workshop or a series of weekend retreats, “Four Faces of Women” events encourage participants to explore the symbolism of four ‘faces’ which have characterized women and their role in society through the ages—identities stored in the subconscious mind which influence every woman’s sense of self today. The eternal face symbolizes innocence and purity; the traditional face symbolizes security and protection; the modern face symbolizes searching and questioning; and the face of the Shakti symbolizes power, self–respect, and transformation.

Four Faces Background

Since the inception of the Brahma Kumaris, there has been an ongoing exploration into leadership that embraces the feminine principle and yet goes beyond it; leadership not bound by gender or implications of gender, but leadership that embraces all of the so-called ‘masculine and feminine’ attributes of the human soul.

In 1996, a series of international meetings, retreats and dialogues were held across the world under the Four Faces of Woman banner. The first of these events followed on from Brahma Kumaris participation in Wisdom in Action, the UN’s Fourth World Conference on Women held in Beijing in 1995. Numerous large scale Four Faces programs have since been held around the world, from New York to South Africa, with increasing focus being directed towards the fourth face, the face of the Shakti.

Currently, smaller gatherings are held regularly in different places throughout the world to create environments of transformation and inspiration. These gatherings become the invisible thread that connects us as we transform our world through the powers of love, tolerance, cooperation and humility.

Four Faces: The Aim & the Atmosphere

The aim of Four Faces retreats and programmes is to help women grow spiritually – by rediscovering their true worth, value and potential and by reconnecting with the inner self in a nurturing, constructive and peaceful environment.

Women of all ages and backgrounds benefit from this atmosphere of trust and affirmation. They have an opportunity to learn from the experience of others, restore their self-value and self-confidence, acquire skills which help rebuild inner strength, and identify ways to enjoy and apply spiritual skills in everyday life.

Four Faces of Women programmes create opportunities for women to value each others’ journeys and to share the essence of spirituality—the eternal face of humanity—beyond the limitations of tradition. They are dedicated to uncovering the face of the Shakti, the source of divine power, within us all.

For more information on dates and timings contact a location near you.

Other Women’s Gatherings

Monthly and annual workshops and discussion groups, convened under titles such as Women of Spirit or Circle of Wise Women, aim to inspire women to bring spiritual awareness and practice into every aspect of their lives. Each session includes an address by a professional woman with a spiritual focus to her life’s work.

For more information on dates and timings contact a Location near you.

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