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Brahma Kumaris contribution and programme at Rio + 20

United Nations Conference on Sustainability


Aligning Awareness and Action for the Future We Want -

…..We suggest that a spiritually aligned life naturally embraces the well-being of the self, one’s family, one’s community and the world….. Universal principles and natural laws such as co-operation, living cycles, cause and effect and nonlinearity apply to the spiritual, energetic world and to the outer, natural world, because they are really one world, appearing to be two…
From the Statement for Rio + 20 by Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University and the Call-of-the Time Dialogue Network
Read about our participation in Rio + 20, learn about our delegation and see our calendar of events at the Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative Website:
The Brahma Kumaris Environment Initiative aims to awaken greater environmental awareness within our own organisation, as well as collaborating with and learning from others through dialogue, partnerships, UN conferences and local initiatives. Awareness raising retreats are held regionally for our own community and for the public.

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