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Remembering Robin Gibb


The Brahma Kumaris want to express appreciation for the beautiful voice and generous life of Robin Gibb.  Time after time in venues from Miami, to Oxford, to London he made himself available to serve, donating his time, spaces in his homes, and his reflections on and concern for the world.  We are remembering our long friendship with Robin’s wife Dwina whose inner strength and dignity continue to be a source of inspiration.

Dadi Janki's reflections on Robin:

His heart was so clear and pure that he was able to easily draw the power of spirituality from Dadi. When Dadi listened to Robin sing the song he had written for her some years ago at Wembley Arena, she was surprised at the beauty of the song. She had the thought that clearly this was the creation of a soul who is very close to God. When a soul has been an instrument for such service, his future will be an elevated one.  RobinGibb Dadi is remembering Dwina at this time and sending love to the whole family.

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