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Final report on the Parliament of the Worlds Religions

On Tuesday morning there was an assembly of religious and spiritual leaders specifically from India entitled “Convocation of Hindu Spiritual Leaders”. In the midst of numerous gurus, Dadi shared on the theme “Healing the Soul of Humanity”. Dadi began by highlighting that now is the time of the Mahabharata, and that we need to ask ourselves the following three questions: Who am I? To whom do I belong? What is the quality of the actions that I am about to perform? Dadi stated that the greatest factor creating divisions in the world is Ego, and said that it is time now for us to go beyond the arrogance of “I” and to reconnect with our spiritual identity as a child of God. Through this understanding we will meet with love and find ways to co-operate with each other. The souls present were deeply moved by Dadi’s heartfelt message.

In the afternoon, Ami Trivedi and Danny Haworth facilitated an interactive Youth workshop entitled “Sustaining Peace from the Inside Out”. Participants found the session very useful and empowering. Danny, as a representative of the BK youth, had the opportunity to be part of  one-hour special meeting that the youth organizing committee had with His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

In the evening a public program was held at a town hall on the topic “What is time calling me to do?” The program began with an invocation by Sister Tjanara followed with a musical piece by Kim Cupido – a chant of Om Shanti in which the audience were asked to join. Didi Nirmala next reminded the audience of the importance of simplifying our lives. Then, to a packed audience of 500 people, Dadi highlighted that we need to emerge our inner qualities of PEACE, PATIENCE and LOVE, as these treasures are absolutely essential for this moment in time. We also need to learn to use time in a worthwhile way, she said, which means performing actions on the basis of courage, faith and truth. For this we need to learn the art of balance. After Dadi spoke, the audience was taken in to a meditation experience and then Dadi’s latest book, “Spiritual Greatness in Challenging Times” was launched. The book was reviewed by Dr. Stephanie Dowrick, a well known author on spiritual literature in Australia. She gave a beautiful reflection of the personal benefit she has taken in her experience with the BKs and expressed very sincerely how Dadi’s words touch the heart and how grateful she was for the opportunity to be in her presence.

At the same time, there was an evening plenary at the Parliament focused on interfaith activities and projects locally in Melbourne. Sister Jacqueline represented the BKs at that plenary, sharing the work of the BKs and initiatives from an interfaith perspective.
Wednesday morning began with Dadi conducting a “Master Class on Raja Yoga: A Pathway to Healing and Transformation”. To an audience of more than 200 people, Dadi explained the need to learn to make the mind still and peaceful, for it is only when there is a deep inner peace can a soul know what to do and how. The audience was led into a meditation, after which Dadi spoke about the importance of connecting with God. She explained that God is light, a “bindu”, and yet within that is a “sindu”, an Ocean of Peace and Love. Through connecting with God, we fill ourselves with light and become light. With this simple and clear explanation of God, the audience was taken into another meditation experience. Dadi shared toli and blessings with everyone, and it was beautiful to see how moved people were. Many bowed in front of Dadi and their eyes were sparkling with joy and appreciation.

Following the class, a Rabi from Canada met Dadi in the lobby. He told Dadi, that her explanation of God was the clearest he had ever heard. He was so moved, that he expressed the desire to come to India in February and make a film on Dadi’s life.

Immediately after Dadi’s session, Wendy Sargent was on a panel on the topic “East meets West: Spirituality and Women’s Leadership in Different Religious Perspectives”. Wendy emphasized the need to reinforce the positive possibilities and understand the obstacles to equality.

The Sikhs hosted a session later in the morning called, “A New Conscience: Making a World of Difference”, to which they had especially invited Dadi. Seeing the gathering, Dadi spoke in Gurmukhī (the language in which the Sikh scripture is written). The assembly was overjoyed and, since Sr. Arti could not translate, a young woman from the audience translated. The Sikhs were extremely grateful and felt blessed that Dadi had come to their session.  

The closing plenary took place after lunch, and nearly 4000 people gathered in the large hall for this event. The theme was “A Call to Commitment and Action”. Different traditions offered blessings, and Uncle Bob Randall, an Aboriginal elder, reminded the audience that if the earth and its people are harmed in the name of development, then it is vital to re-evaluate our methods and means. After he spoke, Dadi shared the following message:

Om shanti – a greeting of peace to my brothers and sisters. I the soul, am a child of the Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul, the Ocean of Peace. It is time to consider that the drama of life is coming to a close and it is time to return home. Each faith and spiritual tradition has sought to bring peace on this Earth, and now it is the time for the Divine Himself, the Remover of Sorrow and the Bestower of Peace, to give us this message, that it is now time to return home. God’s hope for humanity is for each and every soul is to experience truth, love and mercy, and to be responsible to share that vibration with the rest of the world. To do this we need the practice of performing elevated actions, of experiencing God’s power. To take power from God, we need a relationship with the Supreme. Taking light and might from God is taking our inheritance from the Divine, the inheritance of happiness, bliss, peace and love. In my life I have experienced receiving both a blessing and an inheritance from God. The blessings we receive from God are such that we can share with others. They are not only for oneself but for donating to the world.. God is our Mother, Father, Teacher, Friend and Guru. With such a Companion there is no need for any worry. I keep myself safe from worry and also make sure that others are free from worry and experience peace. There are three things to keep in our awareness at this time, know the self, create a deep relationship with God and recognize the value of time. If we keep the company of God while understanding the significance of time, then there will always be success.

There was a beautiful silence as Dadi left the stage.

Following Dadi, the Dalai Lama gave the keynote address, emphasizing that together with sharing, it is important to act. The parliament ended with an announcement of the launch of PEACENEXT.ORG, a social networking site for all parliament attendees and friends.

Dadi contributed to seven sessions and when the Parliament finished, it was Dadi who was invited to lead the whole Parliament out onto the footbridge where an aerial photograph was taken of the entire, auspicious, colourful gathering.

Each second of Dadi’s tour was used in a worthwhile way. As she moved around the huge convention centre, people of all paths and all backgrounds came to greet her with great love and reverence. Whenever she entered a room, everyone would stand up, their smiling faces showing so much respect. Apart from the benefit that people took during the sessions, numerous people enjoyed interacting with Dadi in the lobby between events.

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