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New Year Message 2013


Dear Friends,

Greetings of peace for the New Year.

I want to share a message for the new year with you. But more than a message, I want to share my pure wish and hope that each one of you will bring benefit to yourself and also to others in the year ahead.
This is not only a new year, but it is also the beginning of a new age. It is a confluence of three things: (1) On the one side is the Supreme signaling each of us and saying, “Child, this is what you have to do;” (2) On the other side is Time facing us and saying, “Recognize what you have to do;” (3) And in between Time and the Supreme is each of you remaining alert, attentive and clever so that you may understand the signals of both Time and the Supreme and know what you must do.

There is a very old devotional song: “Oh God, show the path to the blind ones, for they are stumbling.” This is what is happening in the world at this time. Most of the people of the world are blind to their own weaknesses, and they are suffering. Now is the time to free the soul from these weaknesses and to awaken to the awareness of the self, asking, “Who am I?” Learn to go deep inside, to separate yourself from the body and from the material world and relations. Human beings are not able to forgive each other. But that One, the Supreme, is the Ocean of Forgiveness, who melts everything from the past and gives us the strength to forgive ourselves and others.
God is our Protector. My wish for the New Year is for you not to be afraid, because our Protector is here. There’s nothing to be afraid of. Experience the company of that One and have faith that a world of unity and oneness is coming.

With love and good wishes for the New Year and the coming New Age,
BK Janki

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