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A letter from Christchurch - 04/09/10

Dear Friends

Om Shanti.

We have had a fairly massive earthquake in Christchurch and we are still experiencing after tremors every so often that cause the centre to shake as well.

We were doing our usual early morning (4am) meditation when the quake hit. We continued to meditate and experienced a lot of light and power and this we then shared in the form of sending vibrations to all those around us. It was an amazing experience. Every time there was another strong tremor, our Om Shanti chant became powerful as well as soothing and cool. Pieta and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience.

I also understood deeply how important it is to stay conscious, for anything could happen within a second; your whole life can turn around within a second.

Others came to join us for the meditation later in the morning. A number of them had experienced blackout in their own homes.

Many areas of Christchurch are experiencing blackout, phone disruption, no water, no gas and sewerage and water pipelines bursting open. We are asked to save water and also drink boiled water.

The Meditation Centre does not have any of the above problems although things flew down from kitchen cupboards, many glass bottles, flower vases, some big serving plates etc and a few things flew about in the other rooms as well.

There were a few cracks that appeared inside the Meditation Centre and also the ceiling has lowered in other areas. There is a possibility that some of this damage is structural. We have not assessed the full damage that may include the garage and the surrounding area of the center.. Most of our meditation friends are also OK and in a pretty good mental stage.

We have planned a long meditation this evening local time 6:30pm – 7:30pm. We hope you can join us in your own places.

Thank you for staying in touch.

Much peace and love,
Rohini, Centre Coordinator, Chirstchurch

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