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COP17 UN Conference on Climate Change, South Africa

27th November 2011

We are on the eve of COP17 in Durban, 40,000 people are gathering in Kings Park Stadium with world faith leaders and environment activists to offer prayer and meditations to prepare and support the difficult negotiations ahead.

The following is a special message being shared on behalf of Dadi Janki, Administrative Head of the Brahma Kumaris, at the rally.

To all my brothers and sisters from around the globe, I greet you in peace.

As we begin our deliberations for COP17 it is important that we consider the ideas of our interconnectedness and personal responsibility.

Our task is to stay in harmony and unity. Violence, dishonesty and selfishness destroys truth. Further corruption, competition and criticism are destroying trust and that creates fear in society.

The power of spirituality and God’s power work in a unique way. Let yourself be a trustee of the mind and body, then the intellect won’t be trapped and it will be free. When the intellect is free then God can use me as an instrument. When the intellect is looking at things from an external perspective, it cannot see truth. We have to make our intellect clean and help others to become clean. Cleanliness of the intellect means to create a nature that seeks to take virtue and goodness. For this take a minute of silence before you speak. Positivity has great power. It is this quality, that we have to acquire now to create harmony . We need to keep that elevated vision of each other: love expands our vision. It is easy to love God, but it is more difficult to have awareness of the soul and even more difficult to understand each one’s nature. Be introverted, learn to listen and don’t think too much. This will help you to see the truth. We need to transform ourselves and this will help others to transform.

This is world service.

Om shanti.

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