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New Year Message 2011

Dadi Janki

Chief, Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University

Dear Friends,

The new year, 1/1/11, begins, very significantly, with four ones.

Spiritually speaking, ‘one’ is a very auspicious number. By understanding the significance of these four ‘ones’, we can make miracles happen and transform the impossible into the possible.
1- One God is the Father of all souls
1- I, the soul, am one special, unique being
1- The world is one human family in the form of a tree with many branches; all members of this family tree belong to its One Seed.
1- It is one minute to midnight on the world clock; in other words, time is telling me what I must do now.

One-ness is the basis of unity. Unity appreciates the beauty of the variety of colours, creeds, cultures, religions, and languages. Unity connects the facets of diversity and finishes all forms of discrimination. Where the four unifying virtues of happiness, honesty, truth, and love exist, we become united even as we explore our differences, express our diversity, and exchange our unique specialties.

Let me ask myself: Do these four virtues-- happiness, honesty, truth, and love--characterise my life?

God makes us so beautiful by filling us with His virtues and reminding us that these are our original virtues which we have forgotten over time. The heart desires to remember these virtues so that all weakness is removed. The heart knows that when the pure feelings inherent in such virtues are shared, others will be inspired to become virtuous.

In this New Year, let us greet one another with the pure feelings and good wishes of these four unifying virtues. Let us bid farewell for all time to any weakness remaining in the self.

Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations, congratulations – with each congratulations, remember the four ‘ones’, strengthen the four virtues, and let four new ways of being characterise your life in the New Year.

With love
Dadi Janki

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