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A Message for the victims of the Japan earthquake

From Dadi Janki, Administrative Head Brahma Kumaris - 12th March, 2011

My Dear Divine Brothers and Sisters,

The elements of nature have again demonstrated to us just how powerful and destructive they can be despite our scientific knowledge and advancement. We need no more proof of the supremacy of the forces of nature. We are humbled and this pulls us back to our spiritual roots, the essence of our being, and the wellspring from which all goodness flows.

My deepest sympathy goes to all those who have been affected by this quake. Hold firmly onto God’s hand and let Him be your guide through these dark times. It is not easy losing loved ones, yet the knowledge of the soul being eternal comforts us and we know that those who have gone are truly in God’s hands.

And for the global family, it is imperative that we take out time daily to spread light and strength to our fellow brothers and sisters and our precious planet, Mother Earth. She has given from her bounty and we are indebted to her. We can no longer continue to only take; we need to return something back to her.

She is asking us for the gift of peace: peace in our personal relationships, peace between nations, peace with our limited resources and peace with God. With every drop of peace we create, we are creating a pool of reconciliation; with ourselves, with the world, with our fellow travellers and with nature.

It is very important that we do not get caught up in web of questions of why and what and how – this confusion will not allow inner stability and calm. Rather, we need to take our life in our hands and build an inner resolve so that we are able to face the many challenges that continue to confront us.

Our centres around the world have intensified their meditations and more and more yogis are meditating to spread yoga vibrations to the world. Please join us.

With light and love,
And in Remembrance of the Divine,
BK Janki

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