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Dadi Janki - Administrative Head

Dadi Janki

“What kind of world is forming now, beyond this winter of war and sorrow, of poverty, pollution and death? In the winter, we foresee the spring. Those with a positive vision of the future give us an image of a world on this planet where all things are given freely, where the highest human potential is fully realised. But we can get to that stage only when there are leaders to take us there.”     —Dadi Janki

Dadi Janki joined the BKWSU as a founding member in 1937 at the age of 21. In the 1950's she established numerous BK centres throughout India. In 1974 she established the first BK centre outside of India, in London, UK. Under her guidance and inspiration, centres now exist in nearly 100 countries. She was appointed Administrative Head of the BKWSU in 2007.

Dadi Janki

Dadi Janki Serving the World

Dadi Janki maintains an unrivalled daily lecture and touring schedule even today, at age 99. She has travelled world–wide almost incessantly over the past decade, engaging with people from the grass roots to government leaders. She is a soul who refuses to set limits and boundaries as to what is achievable and, in so doing, inspires others to believe that they too can make the impossible, possible.

Dadi Janki

A visionary whose uniqueness lies in her unswerving optimism and a heart that is rich with compassion, Dadi Janki has redefined the concept of freedom in the West by placing it within the context of the ancient wisdom of the East. Internationally acknowledged as a great teacher and mentor, she continues to offer inspiration to many people who are searching for peace and harmony in their heart and in their homeland.

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