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My Experience


I was always eager to know the "Rules of the Game of Life" and when I turned 40, I felt an urgency to find a spiritual discipline which could provide me with them.   After all, they say "life begins at 40," and I was eager to reinvent myself.  Friends said that in spirituality there was no urgency; nevertheless, I quickly searched here and there, in this group and that....UNTIL....I heard of a project called GLOBAL COOPERATION for a BETTER WORLD, where individuals in over 100 counties were asked:  WHAT KIND OF WORLD WOULD YOU LIKE TO LIVE IN and WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO DO TO MOVE INTO THAT, to bring this practically alive in your life?  I had already set the lifetime goal of wanting to be the role model of peace, love, and joy and to make sure nothing was omitted--I added AND ABUNDANCE.  I had not the slightest idea how to manifest this in my life...UNTIL...this project came to town and my students at Miami-Dade Community College and I became involved in it.  It was then that I resolved that through the daily discipline of meditation I would bring peace, love, and joy and abundance into my life and thus change my world.   The Raja Yoga's slogan:  "When I Change, The World Changes" hung in my office and in my heart.
It is now 23 years later and I'm still meditating daily and teaching meditation, too.  My life seems to be getting better all the time thru many simple teachings of Raja Yoga in addition to realizations gleaned from my daily meditations.   A handful of those teachings which so easily changed my life and act as guideposts for my life are:

  1. Don't give or take sorrow.  Dadi Janki, the President of our University in India says:  "The world is a supermarket of sorrow--don't buy any."
  2. Use everything in a worthwhile way--thoughts, words, actions, time, and wealth.
  3. Change your inner critic to an inner coach and encourage yourself to keep trying even when you’re not 100% successful!   Your self-esteem comes down to the way you talk to yourself. Your inner critic is that little voice that nags you and sabotages your efforts.
  4. Past is Past – stop indulging in thoughts of the past

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