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Meditation as Magic


Like many others, I always wanted to believe in magic. I enjoyed books in which heroes used magic to make great things happen.  However, I noticed that, although they sometimes did amazing things, their lives were often miserable. So I never really believed that magic had a place in my life. Not anymore. I’m not talking about the kind of magic that moves mountains or lights candles, but a kind of magic that is even more powerful.

I discovered in mediation and silence that:

  1. I can experience that I am not a creation of matter, but rather a creation of pure light. Thoughts become very light, stable and happy, and the world takes on a whole other dimension -- one of light-- that makes life so much richer.
  2. I can make things happen just by thought -- not physical things like bending spoons -- but rather things that just happen at the right time when the thought comes.
  3. Sometimes I can read peoples’ minds, or, perhaps better said, the feelings in their hearts. This helps me respond accurately to the needs of the heart, rather than just to the words.
  4. Life is so much happier when one gives to others and is free from the usual desire of getting something in return from them. Even something as simple as a smile can give happiness. As a spiritual being, as light, anyone can do this magic.

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