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Personal Experiences


Twin brothers Nirvesh & Nirvan

Rejuvenating power of silence Nirvesh: I was recently hired as a news reporter for a local television station. The job position I had of being a News Reporter was quite demanding and took up a large extent of my time. For a lot of the time spent on the job, my mental energy was depleted rapidly on a ...  Read more.


Amar's Experience

Almost four years ago, I was in the middle of an emotional storm; and I was looking for real answers. It was at the local Raja Yoga Meditation Centre that I found them and after that my life changed drastically. I have experienced nothing but unlimited protection, peace, happiness, understanding, ...  Read more.


My Experience

I was always eager to know the "Rules of the Game of Life" and when I turned 40, I felt an urgency to find a spiritual discipline which could provide me with them. After all, they say "life begins at 40," and I was eager to reinvent myself. Friends said that in spirituality there was no urgency; ...  Read more.


My relationship with God

My relationship with God began with presiding over funeral ceremonies as a little girl. My best friend Karlye had a cat that expressed its love for us by leaving dead squirrels on the doorstep. This of course horrified us , but we would bury the “gifts”. Then, as the priestesses of the ceremonies, ...  Read more.


Meditation as Magic

Like many others, I always wanted to believe in magic. I enjoyed books in which heroes used magic to make great things happen. However, I noticed that, although they sometimes did amazing things, their lives were often miserable. So I never really believed that magic had a place in my life. Not ...  Read more.


Jim Paymar - Life is often not what it seems

It was a steel grey day and the clouds hung low at the tops of the trees, pushed on by an Atlantic Ocean storm. The rain was splashing on the windshield as I headed to upstate New York from my home on Long Island. I felt the need to leave, to flee the thoughts and feelings I had been going through ...  Read more.

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