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The Call Of Our Time

Dear Friends,

For more than seventy years we have understood that the method to transform the world is through the power of silence and a deep relationship with God.  But how can we develop spiritual power in our world and in ourselves?  How can we move out of spiritual bankruptcy?  It is now time to show the practical proof of the power of spirituality as a living reality in this world.

With love,

B.K. Janki


The love of God

Dear friends, Om shanti. The love of God for the soul and the love of the soul for God are experiences beyond words. We make spiritual efforts at this time so that we might have this direct and beautiful experience of God’s love. The happiness I have received from God is something I can ...  Read more.

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Pay attention to what is in your consciousness

Dear Friends, Om shanti. Pay attention to what is in your consciousness. There is a deep connection between your consciousness, your attitude and your vision. Whatever is in your attitude will be reflected in your vision, and whatever you are thinking will come out through your words. It’s ...  Read more.

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Feel the pull to be in silence

Dear friends, Om shanti. Shanti means peace, and when we sit together in peace, the vibrations from this reach far and wide. Nothing needs to be said through the mouth. We don’t need to come into a lot of sound. Let the mind and the memory track be still. This creates a wonderful ...  Read more.

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What is the condition of your heart?

Dear Friends, Om shanti. What is the condition of your heart? Go inside and ask yourself, who am I and whom do I belong to? When you become introverted and ask yourself these questions, you receive spiritual power. In order to serve others, you must be able to see beyond the body and see the soul. ...  Read more.

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Peace doesn’t come without love

Dear friends, Om shanti. What is peace like? Within the soul there is truthfulness and love. By recognizing the self as a soul that sits in the center of the forehead, we “see”. When we look at each other, whom do we see? It is an exchange between souls. When we look at each other in ...  Read more.

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Become a friend to the self

Dear Friends, Om shanti. Peace comes with the experience of love. Every human soul is either their own enemy or their own friend. Do you know how you can become a friend to the self? By making God your companion, He gives us the power to do this. When there isn’t love, it is impossible to have ...  Read more.

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Peace of Mind

Dear Friends, Om shanti. People everywhere are searching for peace of mind. One kind of peace is tranquility and another is the fragmentation into many “pieces”. When the mind is fragmented, it is not possible to be peaceful or happy. With the practice of raj yoga meditation, we are ...  Read more.

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Just smile

Dear friends, Om shanti. When you look at each other, just smile. Don’t look at anyone’s nature or their old patterns of behavior. Don’t keep anything of the past inside you, and don’t worry about the future. Dadi is telling you this from her heart, she does not hold onto ...  Read more.

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Quality thoughts

Dear friends, Om shanti. It is the quality of our thoughts that affects the quality of our relationships, our words and our actions. Do not to have any thoughts about others. We need to become those who maintain pure thinking and have pure thoughts for all. If your thinking is pure, you will not ...  Read more.

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Happiness makes us strong and stable

Dear friends, Om shanti. There is no nourishment like the nourishment of happiness. There is no illness like the illness of worry. Happiness makes us strong and stable. This is the most important work we do, to remain happy and share happiness. Stay beyond the distractions of thinking about the body ...  Read more.

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