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The Call Of Our Time

Dear Friends,

For more than seventy years we have understood that the method to transform the world is through the power of silence and a deep relationship with God.  But how can we develop spiritual power in our world and in ourselves?  How can we move out of spiritual bankruptcy?  It is now time to show the practical proof of the power of spirituality as a living reality in this world.

With love,

B.K. Janki


Unlock spiritual mysteries

Dear Friends, Om shanti. I would like to offer you 3 questions that unlock many spiritual mysteries: (1) Who am I? (2) Who do I belong to? (3) What must I do at this time? These three questions represent 3 directions in a raj yoga practice. First, we go inside, and silence the mind. In that ...  Read more.

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Make your life beautiful

Dear Friends, Om shanti. Now is the time to make your life beautiful. The way to do this is with spiritual love. Godly love gives great strength. It makes one free from animosity. Everyone needs love. Animals also need love. Let me not do anything that would cause me to regret any of my actions. ...  Read more.

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Free from worry and concern

Dear Friends, Om shanti. At this time it has become clear to most people that the world is in a state of transition. The world has to move from a state of sorrow and degradation to a state of happiness and peace. We have to prepare ourselves for that transition by accumulating power and peace ...  Read more.

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Patience, tolerance, and contentment

Dear Friends, Om shanti. There are three powers that help us to perform positive actions no matter what situation we are in. The first one is patience. When we have the power of patience, we don’t get caught up easily in upheaval. Patience makes us realise what we have to do. It helps us not ...  Read more.

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Be truly happy

Dear Friends, Om shanti. Some people don’t understand that to be truly spiritual is to be sensible. A sign of a sensible soul is to finish ego and attachment. Ego and attachment are very dangerous. When you become free from these, you will be truly happy, and you will be able to ...  Read more.

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Develop love for myself

Dear Friends Om shanti. When I experience internal peace and power then I develop love for myself. Human beings always think that others should love them. However, as we develop inner peace and power, we realize that we don’t need anyone else’s love. When I free myself from seeking ...  Read more.

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Go inside and realize who we are

Dear Friends, Om shanti. We are used to being distracted by external things -- by what we hear and what we see. Why do we learn mediation? To learn to go inside and realise who we are. When I know who I am, I experience peace. When I know who I belong to and connect to that One, I experience power. ...  Read more.

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The New Year is here

Dear Friend, Om shanti. The New Year is here and a new age is about to come. In order to create a new age in the world, we have to make effort to renew ourselves. We have to accumulate acts of charity and inculcate divine virtues in our lives. We have to give happiness to everyone and receive ...  Read more.

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Season to serve the world

Dear friends, Om shanti. Warmest wishes for peace and happiness in the New Year. Now, more than ever, we must remember that our peace and happiness do not come from the world outside. Our peace and happiness come from within. We are not waiting for others to make us feel happy or secure. This is ...  Read more.

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Make your character high

Dear Friends, Om shanti. I know that sometimes you become absorbed in seeing the mistakes of those around you. It is a weakness to look at anyone else’s weakness. Sometimes people keep a whole shop in their minds of other people’s weaknesses, which they then distribute everywhere.  ...  Read more.

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