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The Call Of Our Time

Dear Friends,

For more than seventy years we have understood that the method to transform the world is through the power of silence and a deep relationship with God.  But how can we develop spiritual power in our world and in ourselves?  How can we move out of spiritual bankruptcy?  It is now time to show the practical proof of the power of spirituality as a living reality in this world.

With love,

B.K. Janki


Don’t over think

Dear Friends, Om shanti. There is so much happiness that comes by following a life filled with truth. The one who is honest is automatically coloured by the colour of God’s light. Make your intellect completely still and completely stable. Those who think too much (chintan in Hindi) and ...  Read more.

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Bringing benefit to everyone

Dear Friends, Om shanti. Now is the time for receiving everything. No matter how much business you do, make sure you are do not become ‘busy’. When we are together, we experience easy Raja Yoga, with which everything becomes easy. Those who experience the auspicious omens of ...  Read more.

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Essential part of yourself

Dear Friends, Om shanti. Now is the time to adopt a spiritual lifestyle. Whenever we have to adopt a new change in our physical looks or outfits or lifestyle, we just do it and don't think so much about it. It is the same with a spiritual lifestyle and way of being. First you need to accept this ...  Read more.

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Inner realisation

Dear Friends, Om shanti. This is the time to go deep inside and with inner realisation stop looking at the weaknesses of others. Only see your own weaknesses. Don’t see others’ weaknesses at all. People are clever at seeing the faults and defects of others and slow to look at their ...  Read more.

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Your real wealth

Dear Friends, Om shanti. Understand that your real wealth cannot be taken from you or destroyed. The world has become very luxurious and showy but that wealth is destroyed quickly. The flame of our minds, our inner light, has been lit, and this is our real wealth. Our light can ignite the light of ...  Read more.

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Inner quality of happiness

Dear Friends, Om shanti. Let us fill the soul with an inner quality of happiness that can be carried into the future. When we focus only on the “reason” behind a conflict, situation, or any kind of “test-paper,” our happiness disappears. There are no permanent ...  Read more.

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Make your nature easy and light

Dear Friends, Om shanti. Dadi wishes all of you to be free from waste thoughts. Don’t allow yourself to have a sensitive nature. Leave behind the old nature of coming into sensitive feelings as a first response to a situation. Make your nature easy and light. Don’t be temperamental. ...  Read more.

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Take one step of courage, and God will help you

Dear friends, Om shanti. Never become disheartened; never lose faith in yourself. When you realise something needs to change in you, then transformation can begin to take place in that instant. When you receive the method for spiritual change, then consider that God is there to help you, and you ...  Read more.

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Connected to God

Dear Friends, Om shanti. When I sit in true remembrance of God, the vibrations become very powerful and beautiful. He is the One above who purifies the impure. He has mercy and He forgives us. No human being can be such. He gives so much love. It is that love that enables the soul to sacrifice to ...  Read more.

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Turn on the internal light

Dear Friends, Om shanti. Think of how much the world has changed in the past 100 years. Look around and you will see that everyone is stuck. Everyone is looking at the world and getting stuck because of the way the world is moving and what is going on. So check yourself; your intellect should be ...  Read more.

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