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The Call Of Our Time

Dear Friends,

For more than seventy years we have understood that the method to transform the world is through the power of silence and a deep relationship with God.  But how can we develop spiritual power in our world and in ourselves?  How can we move out of spiritual bankruptcy?  It is now time to show the practical proof of the power of spirituality as a living reality in this world.

With love,

B.K. Janki


Sustained by God

Dear Friends, Om shanti. There is great benefit in simply being present. What is it to be present? To be aware of who am I and to see the eternal form of the self. Each one should see to what extent there is the attitude of renunciation of attachment to ordinary things, having no desires, and ...  Read more.

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Serve with love

Dear Friends, Let us carry on singing and dancing. To do this, stay in the awareness of those things that are eternal and unlimited --- of our eternal nature and of God. When you serve through actions, you accumulate charity; service through words brings blessings, and service of the mind makes you ...  Read more.

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Speak sweet words, my friend!

Dear friends, Om shanti. This is the time to create an easy nature filled with truth, humility, purity, patience and maturity. Keep your mind cool – never flare up! When your nature is easy, your spiritual words are very attractive. Speak sweet words, my friend! Pay attention that your ...  Read more.

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Pay attention to yourself

Dear Friends, Om shanti. This is the time for us to bring virtues into our lives. To bring virtues into one’s life requires power. One who is weak will not be able to bring virtue into their life. One who is weak will look at the weaknesses of others. Whilst looking at the weaknesses of ...  Read more.

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Rethink your mindset

Dear Friends, Om shanti. Those who make spiritual awareness a focus in their lives want to act in a benevolent way. It is as though there is a natural inner enthusiasm to do good deeds. Do intense meditation and then do service from the heart. Attachment and greed distract us and prevent us ...  Read more.

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Good actions bring many blessings

Dear Friends, Om shanti. Remember that the Lord is pleased with an honest heart. If you have made a mistake, ask for forgiveness, and from now onwards don’t make further mistakes. Sometimes, due to bad company, we may become influenced and commit a wrong deed. I only ...  Read more.

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Don’t over think

Dear Friends, Om shanti. There is so much happiness that comes by following a life filled with truth. The one who is honest is automatically coloured by the colour of God’s light. Make your intellect completely still and completely stable. Those who think too much (chintan in Hindi) and ...  Read more.

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Bringing benefit to everyone

Dear Friends, Om shanti. Now is the time for receiving everything. No matter how much business you do, make sure you are do not become ‘busy’. When we are together, we experience easy Raja Yoga, with which everything becomes easy. Those who experience the auspicious omens of ...  Read more.

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Essential part of yourself

Dear Friends, Om shanti. Now is the time to adopt a spiritual lifestyle. Whenever we have to adopt a new change in our physical looks or outfits or lifestyle, we just do it and don't think so much about it. It is the same with a spiritual lifestyle and way of being. First you need to accept this ...  Read more.

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Inner realisation

Dear Friends, Om shanti. This is the time to go deep inside and with inner realisation stop looking at the weaknesses of others. Only see your own weaknesses. Don’t see others’ weaknesses at all. People are clever at seeing the faults and defects of others and slow to look at their ...  Read more.

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