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The Call Of Our Time

Dear Friends,

For more than seventy years we have understood that the method to transform the world is through the power of silence and a deep relationship with God.  But how can we develop spiritual power in our world and in ourselves?  How can we move out of spiritual bankruptcy?  It is now time to show the practical proof of the power of spirituality as a living reality in this world.

With love,

B.K. Janki


Spiritual Friendships.

Dear Friends, Om shanti. I want to share a secret with you: we are living in an unlimited drama and we are the actors, each playing our own part. Realize this and you will be free from any feeling of comparison. You will then remain light and available as an instrument for the task of ...  Read more.

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Create and conserve energy.

Dear Friends. Om shanti. Now is the time to create and conserve energy. When the mind is quiet and in silence, the soul can be free from any type of reaction. When there is heaviness inside, we have a reaction. When we remain light, there is no chance for reacting. When we react to a person or ...  Read more.

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Finish old things of the past

Dear Friends, Om shanti. This is the time to finish old things of the past. Realize they no longer belong to you. Those who think about the past are attached to something from the past and will repeat the mistakes of the past and then repent about what they have done. Remain detached from the ...  Read more.

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The experience of silence is good

Dear friends, Om shanti. The experience of silence is good. Find the opportunity to go into silence, and in between your times in silence have a spiritual chit-chat or read something inspirational, and then return to your silence. It’s not just about sitting in silence; it’s about ...  Read more.

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What does it mean to love yourself?

Dear friends, Om shanti. What does it mean to love yourself? It’s not really about the feeling of love, but about recognition of what is valuable to the self. When you recognize the value of something, you bring it into your life and it benefits you. Those who have tasted the sweetness of ...  Read more.

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Deep benefit in silence

Dear Friends, Om shanti. There is power in experiencing silence. Silence is the language of the soul. You have the experience of both sweet silence and, beyond that, dead silence, do you not? Why would anyone who experiences dead silence through sweet silence want to come into sound? And what ...  Read more.

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Benefit of elevated vision

Dear Friends, Om shanti. Only see the beauty in others. There are deep reasons for this. To see the weakness in another is a subtle mistake on my part. If I look at the weaknesses of others, then this weakness in a subtle way becomes my weakness and will not allow ...  Read more.

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Create an atmosphere

Dear Friends, Om shanti. Wherever we are, we have to create an atmosphere that spreads in the world. Merge everything that happened in the past – even things that happened two hours ago. Remain in the present, and you will understand what you have to do for the future. Let there be deep, ...  Read more.

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Never become hopeless or disheartened

Dear Friends, Om shanti. Never become hopeless or disheartened.This will make you sad. Realize that you the soul are a child of God and that this is the time to know your true Father and bring benefit to yourself and others. Keep this courage. Go inside and forge a strong connection with the ...  Read more.

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The Unlimited

Dear friends, Om shanti. If you are to serve others, you must not have any attachment to a bodily being. If your intellect is drawn to material things or to human beings, it will bring you into limitation and will prevent you from the experience of the unlimited. When there is limitation, then ...  Read more.

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