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Merciful Heart


Dear friends,

Om shanti. I never let go of “om shanti” because when I remember “om shanti,” I remember who I am, who I belong to and what I have to do now. Now is the time when I have to become complete with all virtues – peace, love, honesty and happiness. One aspect of my becoming virtuous is not to see defects in others. I need to have a merciful heart, a true heart and a big heart.

For this, love, honesty and the power of happiness are needed. I have to stop getting upset and making others upset. I have to make a deep commitment to give regard to others -- to not get upset with others and to not make others get upset with me.

This is the time to become a high quality soul. Don’t be heavy; behave in ways you know are right and you will feel light.

With love,
BK Janki

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