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The call of this time is a call for peace


Dear Friends,

The call of this time is a call for peace; becoming peaceful means seizing the reins of the out-of-control mind and bringing the runaway thoughts to a halt. It is not an empty mind that elicits a state of peace. To move into this state of profound silence, we must train the intellect to create pure and good thoughts. We must train it to concentrate. Our wasteful thoughts burden us. Our habits of creating too many thoughts and too many words exhaust the intellect. We must ask "How can I cultivate the habit of pure thoughts?"

I let go of all thoughts of discontentment and am reminded of my oldest, most intrinsic state of being. I remember this inner calm. Though I have not been here recently, I remember it as my most fundamental awareness, and a feeling of happiness and contentment wells up inside of me. In this state I know every soul to be my friend. I am my own friend. I am deeply quiet. I am silent and utterly at peace.

This deep well of peace is the original state of the soul. When I am in this state, I feel the flow of love for humanity and I feel a state more elevated than what I would normally call happiness, a state of bliss. It is when I attain this state that something truly miraculous can happen.

With love

BK Janki

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