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Title: Raja Yoga Meditation: Spiritual growth through positive thinking and meditation
Description: Brahma Kumaris: A Spiritual University teaching practical techniques of meditation, positive thinking and stress free living. A worldwide family of individuals committed to spiritual growth and personal transformation.


Title: Raja Yoga Meditation: Online guided Meditation commentaries.
Description: Raja Yoga mediation Centers offer free course in how to meditate. Discover the positive and wonderful benefits of implementing daily meditations into your life. Raja Yoga meditation gives you a clear spiritual understanding of yourself and the positive qualities already latent within you.

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Why Women Believe in God

The book takes the form of a discussion between two lively,outspoken women with very different viewpoints and life experiences. We ask an important question, whether God is necessary, and answer it with reference to scriptures, politics, feminism, secularisation and the serious financial and ...  Read more.

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Understanding the Brahma Kumaris

This deeply researched and sympathetically written book is the ninth in a series called Understanding Faith, published by Dunedin Academic Press, of Edinburgh and London, UK. The author, Frank Whaling, emeritus professor of the study of religion at the University of Edinburgh, is also the overall ...  Read more.

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The 7 Myths About LOVE...Actually!

Millions obsess over it. Thousands have died for it. We all seek it. Few will find it. Even fewer will live it. It is LOVE. It seems we are compulsively obsessed, yet slightly confused…about love. While many of us think we know love so well we often find it hard to be unconditionally loving. ...  Read more.

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UBUNTU! the Spirit of Humanity

This resource book and workshop manual uses Ubuntu, an ancient African code of ethics, as a framework to explore universal values for living together in harmony and for building bridges across cultures and nations. Themes include personal and social values, interconnectedness (with others and with ...  Read more.

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Awaken Your Inner Wisdom

To become aware of the wise self within, to nurture it until it grows into a tree of strength that will provide fruit not only for you, but will help to inspire all those you come into contact with everyday. Gaining in knowledge about your own role and understanding your relationship with God will ...  Read more.

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The Heart of Well-being

The Heart of Well-being - Seven Tools for Surviving and Thriving As we go through life, the challenges and changes we meet can either help us move forward, or undermine our health and resilience - often without our even noticing. The purpose of this unique guide is to discover a way not just to ...  Read more.

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Something Beyond Greatness

In their worldwide search for extraordinary figures who fit the criteria for 'something beyond greatness,' authors Judy Rogers and Gayatri Naraine humbly discovered that the quality of greatness is not the exclusive province of those recognized publicly for their deeds. While all of us acknowledge ...  Read more.

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The Brahma Kumaris as a ‘Reflexive Tradition’

The Brahma Kumaris as a ‘Reflexive Tradition’ Responding to Late Modernity By Dr John Walliss, senior lecturer in the sociology of religion and Director of the Centre for Millennialism Studies (, Department of ...  Read more.

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The Story of Immortality: A Return to Self-Sovereignty

The Story of Immortality: A Return to Self-Sovereignty ...available for the first time in Brahma Kumaris history. The knowledge encompassing the spiritual wisdom and enlightenment that has been shared orally for the past 73 years has now been published in a beautifully illustrated hardcover ...  Read more.

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