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The Story of Immortality: A Return to Self-Sovereignty


The Story of Immortality: A Return to Self-Sovereignty
  ...available for the first time in Brahma Kumaris history.
The knowledge encompassing the spiritual wisdom and enlightenment that has been shared orally for the past 73 years has now been published in a beautifully illustrated hardcover edition. The Story of Immortality takes you inside the world of a young seeker's exhilarating journey of spirit. Her
destination is self-transformation. As she travels her path, she rediscovers the eternal self and reconnects with the Supreme One. She is an avid student and is taught the secrets of the eternal cycle of time.

We invite you to join her in this uplifting journey of discovery. Perhaps it could be the beginning of the day of new direction for you!
Limited Hardcover Edition; ISBN: 978-1-886872-51-6
Beautifully illustrated by renowned Indian artist, Atanu Roy, a limited edition of the Story of Immortality is available from BK Publications ( and, for those in the USA, either the Brahma Kumaris Bookshop ( or  ISBN: 978-1-886872-51-6

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