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The Heart of Well-being


The Heart of Well-being - Seven Tools for Surviving and Thriving

As we go through life, the challenges and changes we meet can either help us move forward, or undermine our health and resilience - often without our even noticing.  The purpose of this unique guide is to discover a way not just to survive the knocks in life, but to positively thrive and enhance well-being on every level.
The Heart of Well-being is a beautifully illustrated self-help book with inspiring audio CDs to enable us to be more in touch with and responsive to how we feel - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  The information, CD tracks and simple, practical exercises will help to recover, protect and improve personal well-being, in order to:
•    feel energetic and well
•    cope with worry, stress, change and loss
•    care for one’s self and develop self-confidence
•    sustain good relationships with others
•    discover personal fulfilment and inner meaning

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