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Preparing for Silence

By BK Mohini Panjabi(Sister Mohini Panjabi shared these ideas at a Call-of-the-Time Dialogue in Uruguay in 2001 as dialogue participants prepared for a day of silence).One of the true gifts in a busy life is an extended period of silence, a time when we intentionally turn our attention away from the ...  Read more.

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Instruments of Peace

By Dadi JankiThe call of this time is a call for peace. In my early morning meditations, I can hear the call of the peaceless world for peace – not just for an end to conflict, but for a deep inner stillness and calm, which all souls remember as our original state. If we are to find peace, first we ...  Read more.

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Extremely Busy People Learn Meditation

More people are living, but fewer are choosing, life in the fast lane. The need to restore balance, find inner peace and replenish spiritual power can be satisfied by some form of daily meditation. Sister Jayanti, an extremely busy person in her own right, presents the how to of meditation and ways ...  Read more.

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